the beginning…

Estancia Brasil SteakHouse

Is a dream come true. In 2006 I was unemployed living in Manchester, and one day God told me that He would give me a steakhouse.

I started working, I followed my life and to be honest forgot all about it.
Time passed, I got married, had a child and life followed.

In 2015 my husband came to me and took me to see a property, he told me that he was thinking of opening a steakhouse. As soon as he told me that I remembered what God had told me that in 2006.

The dream started in 2006, and finally was born on 05/26/2015 Estancia Brazil.

Estancia Brasil SteakHouse is a unique experience where you enjoy the best products, prepared with respect, in a rustic and welcoming environment, with the UK’s best service.

Helena Paloschi – Owner

About Our Process


Estancia Brasil offers a complete infrastructure for the realization of social and corporate events. In our house you and your guests may enjoy a large environment with Brazilian music, Wi-Fi and taste the best meats and wines in one place. Estancia Brasil SteakHouse gives priority to the comfort of our customers, so it offers an airy atmosphere and sophisticated facilities with excellent lighting, offering a cozy atmosphere and well-being to restaurant goers.


The gaucho’s custom in barbecue preparation are maintained by the founder of the house and his team, which retain the typical preparation of the meat and the caterers impeccably, as the traditions.At night and on weekends, the house offers on a rotating basis more than 10 types of prime cuts of meat, with special emphasis on the skirt steak, leg of lamb, pork ribs and eternal “picanha” Brazilian steak.


One of the restaurant’s highlights is the excellent service provided by waiters who do their best to offer agility and courtesy in service due to the large variety of meats available.

Tasty Buffet

In the lounge is the buffet with more than 10 kinds of hot dishes, salads and side dishes that satisfy even the most discerning palate. A wine cellar that it possesses a wide variety of imported and domestic wines. Through the guidance of maitre it is possible to know which wine harmonizes best with each dish. A bar that offers the possibility of a good talk before a meal or an Happy Hour with our generous dishes.