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Our Buffet offers a wide variety of about 10 cold and 10 hot dishes, and 14 vegetarian dishes.

All our dishes are properly identified with the main ingredients, including an allergy alert for those who suffer from any kind of food intolerance. Estancia Brasil SteakHouse brings the best of regional Brazilian cuisine and our concern is to offer the Brazilian flavour with quality you deserve.

Estancia Brasil SteakHouse brings traditional Brazilian desserts like cream caramel flan and passion fruit mousse, and cheesecakes.

In addition, we have “special desserts”, which may vary from time to time. We’re always bringing something unusual to our menu.

Estancia Brasil SteakHouse has about 5 different signature cocktails that have been developed especially for you, and also the traditional cocktails that cannot be missed, like the famous caipirinha.

For those who do not drink alcohol Estancia Brasil SteakHouse brings the option of mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) that can be prepared from any alcoholic cocktail that the restaurant offers. A real mix of flavours to satisfy all tastes.

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